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Creating a ‘Cliffhanger’ Course

Jacqueline Wilson is one of the nation’s most cherished children’s authors – and ‘Cliffhanger’ is one of the favourite short stories in her impressive collection.

One- and two-day Creative Writing courses in the summer term have adapted her tantalising tale of intrigue, tension and suspense with primary students.

Our mission has been to fire up creative minds, encouraging students to write their own chapter, add a new twist and develop powerful narratives to this famous story.

Pupils began with storyboards and large sheets of A1 paper to generate innovative ideas. They continued by enacting their scenes, using two key characters, a producer and director.

Components included writing a dramatic monologue to convey the thoughts of a character dangling over the cliff; a powerful narrative told through the eyes of the rescuers; and re-writing the final chapter to leave the story on an uncertain cliffhanger.

Our creative writing courses in the Summer term have also included components from:

  • Locked in an Eerie Graveyard  (short narrative)
  • Rollercoaster (adventure escapade)
  • Time Capsule (sci-fi)
  • Life on a Tropical Island (magical fiction)
  • The Bloody Hand (ghost story)
  • Travelogue (journey on a plane, train or boat).

Our courses are highly structured to elicit the very best in writing talent from young students. They offer the opportunity to experiment with different writing styles, all aspects that help them to develop their writing talents and enjoyment of reading.

Each of the students has the opportunity to write, record and perform a segment from their own short story.

Courses from Autumn 2014 will include a free Creative Writing breakfast with an innovative, magical, inspiring healthy twist!