CreateInspireMotivate is creating a buzz in the educational field by illuminating schools and colleges with the best short courses in GCSE Mathematics, English and Functional Skills.
The Warwickshire-based training company delivers quality education courses in GCSE mathematics, GCSE English and Functional Skills in schools.
Courses are individually written by qualified subjects teachers and delivered in schools to boost student performance in key subjects.
Principal teacher and lecturer Stuart Gallacher says: “Many schools have allocated pupil premium intervention resources to boost under-achieving students who need that extra expertise, focus, inspiration and motivation to ‘boost them up’ to that next level.
“We know how to get the best out of students, helping them to achieve examination success and to move to the next level in their educational, training and working lives”
NEW for 2015/16 is a BOYS’ MOTIVATIONAL ‘YES I CAN’ COURSE, which targets under achieving secondary school boys in years 10 and 11. The course, which includes core components in English, Mathematics, Motivation and positive behaviour, is aimed at a maximum of 20 boys selected by schools. It is delivered by three specialists in schools.
Also NEW for January 2015/16 is a SATS ‘BOOST UP’ COURSE with an emphasise on the new style of grammar and writing tests.
The benefits of appointing CreateInspireMotivate include:-
  • Host of innovative, tailor-made short courses
  • Encourages, motivates and rewards students in primary and secondary schools
  • Intensive and inspirational English and Mathematics courses
  • GCSE courses to boost student learning
  • SATS ‘Boost Me Up’ courses prepare Year 6 pupils for the new-style tests
  • Creative Writing Courses to reveal the creative talents
  • Qualified specialist teachers who know their subjects inside out